Christmas Eve’s mass – raining church (br)

Posted on 12 January 2007


I met Steph (online) the next day after the Christmas Eve’s mass, had told her the whole story (in fact, it was the most complete version). To re-tell whole story is quite exhausting, so i am attaching the msn-story-line version of what I told her. Here goes:

steph :hey merry christmas!!!
jim :ho ho ho!!!
steph :how’s the celebration?
jim :interesting!!
jim :u will find it hard to believe
steph :???
jim :went to a 8pm mass
jim :at an old church (they said 2nd oldest in Niteroi)
steph :hehehe… went was the last time u went to church?
jim :yup
jim :it was small… 2 columns and maybe 50 rows of chair
steph :was the mass in english?
jim :portuguese
jim :shortly after the 2nd reading, big storm (wind was blowing water almost vertically into church
jim :so, initially, ppl from side entrance squeezed in, and closed the massive doors,
jim :from main entrance as well (the wind was blowing in from that direction)
jim :so… .the whole church is completely filled
jim :not a space spared
steph :?? raining kah? or hurricane?
jim :heavy raining
steph :hehe… what a wet christmas
jim :that’s not the surprise yet!
steph :okie..
jim :…. soon the father tried to proceed…
jim :but at left side of wall near altar…
jim :can hear water flowing down (and the sound of waterfall)
steph :the story is becoming more interesting…
steph :hurry up…
jim :water flowing on the inside wall of the church (i can hear the sound, but cant see it)
jim :can see peopls vacant that portion too…
jim :i was standing in middle of right side in the church, so it was quite far from me
jim :but on top of me, is another level (something like balcony)
steph :lepas itu??
jim :i think u know what structure is that kan?
steph :ya…
steph :story teller…. boleh cepat sikit kah
jim :it was basically on 1 chair behind us
jim :then….
jim :i was thinking … jiatlat.
jim :the chruch was in midst of renovation!!!
steph :go on…
jim :they rushed the renovation so to enable grand christmas mass (but from outside, can see supporting structures outside the church)
jim :sorry, it was not renovation… was restoration
jim :i was imagining…. chuch under restoration + heavy ran + heavy wind = ???
steph :the whole structure collapsed??!!
steph :so … in the end???
jim :no structural collapse 🙂
steph :i feel like strangling u right now!!
jim :that was what i feared too… who knows this is 500 (agak2) years old church!
jim :then…
jim :water started gushing out from the structure!!!
steph :miracle???
jim :no lah… leakage….
click inside for the movie
steph :end of story ??
jim :nope
steph :u r really driving me nuts with ur story…
jim :it was chaos inside the church!!
jim :it was continously raining outside, water was continously falling, and ppl are nervous…. and excited….
jim :and…. there was flicker of light dimmed
steph :huh?
jim :sekejap ada electric… sekejap tarak
steph :oo…
jim :aku ingat… jiatlat lah… kalau power blackout…
jim :so by now, the lights / fans are already turned off at where there’s water flowing…
jim :and other functioning light flickers once a while
steph :but the priest still carried on, right
jim :and the suasana… like pasar malam
jim :the speaker was not on
jim :we can’t hear anything priest said
steph :in the end?
jim :then, someone started to say rosary
jim :i thnk that was a brillant idea
jim :then… slowly
steph :what???!!!
jim :everyone starts to follow
jim :chanting
jim :hail mary….
jim :loudly…. and somehow calm the crowd
jim :of course its in portuguese
steph :hey but the mass was still going on right….
jim :not yet
jim :it was paused
steph :huh? pause for the rosary
jim :since the water leaking started
jim :can’t proceed because it was chaos due to water is displacing ppl, and ppl are stding … and of course talking…
jim :so can’t hear aything from the front…
jim :then… after 10 minutes of hail may…
jim :priest conteinue…
jim :but somehow the homily / sermon was missed out (i dunno why, may be due to current situation)
steph :so in the end???
jim :so…. the mass proceed…
jim :tapi we can’t hear anything
jim :we are still dry by that time…
jim :was at a nice spot… can see evrything , but was spared from water
steph :so the mass end… but with the water still flowing out from the wall
jim :by the time mass ended, rain has reduced to ddrizzle, so water pun sikit jah.. dripping ja
jim :the water at behind me was falling, but not from the wall, because it was a balcony (so technically it was a waterfall)
steph :it was a midnite mass right
jim :no lah…
jim :i didn’t see got midmight mass kat noticeboard leh
steph :what time was the mass (i forgot)… ur story was really long leh
jim :started 8
jim :ended 10

click inside for the movie
presentation of christmas carol by the community’s poor kids. mostly out of tune, but hey, its the spirit that counts, right?

click inside for the movie
singing “silent night”, with dance, mary & joseph (kid actors) brought baby jesus (a doll) to stage at near end of presentation.

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