H. Stern Gemstone Museum (br)

Posted on 12 January 2007


Sunday. We went to H Stern museum I’ve been to numerous museums (history, art, contemporary art, stamp museum…) but gem stone museum… is my first time.

What i learnt there:
a) brazil is widely known for its gem stones (as malaysia is known for sepang)
b) imperial topaz is extincting. the one and only imperial topaz mine (so happen is in Brazil)’s resource is depleting in 5 years time. thus the expensive price of imperial topaz….
c) the price of such stones

VERY EDUCATIONAL – now I know why it is a girls best friend. I myself also was staring at the diamond….. so glittering.

Only con is … no photography allowed.

There, I (and anyone else) can actually see the artisants doing sizing, glueing (to stick), polishing, grading, designing gold necklace/ring for the gems, etc….

They are also lots of gems on display : aquamarine, topaz, opal, diamond, etc….

Entrance is free. Transport is provided from hotel, and return to hotel, a audio device with earphone is provided with explanation of each exhibits is provided (in more than 20 languages).

The only catch is hem… after the tour, a sales person will be assigned to you, and she/He will bring you to the sales gallery. This part is really interesting too… you can actually touch and try-try (not kiss-kiss though) the gems. We, sarikei guys, as usual, are ever polite, u know lah.. what we do… ask a bit of this, and bits of that, and were trying to learn as much from the sales person.

Me, I was really intrigued with this ‘field’ – because prior to this never really thought about these in such depth. In fact, once I reached the end of exhibition, i asked for a re-tour of the trip.

OH yes, the sales person that brought us to the sales gallery, is Rebecca Chang. She is a brazilian of Chinese descendant. Wow, her mandarin still have the strong ‘china-accent’, and she speaks prefect mandarin …. i rarely met chinese that speaks such formidable mandarin here, most of them speaks Cantononese, and their Chinese sounds alien to me.

I saw few necklace, rings, but I think, due to fact that their design is totally different from the designs always seen at Singapore, Malaysia, i do not really find them really alluring. There was a topaz god ring of US1050, which she gave an immediate discount of f30% to USD735, and futher negotiable discount with manager if really interested. A lil’ tempting… considering that the discounts that is only available here. But my practical-usual-self’s analytical and rational hormone kicked in.

Guys, if any of you guys happen to visit Rio, and due to my intro, are here just to buy some jewellery, here’s the right contact for you . Look for her, okay?

my sales agent’s contact

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