view of Rio de Janeiro from air

Posted on 15 February 2007


Urca neighbourhood
Urca neighbourhood, just next to the big stone mountain called “Pao de Açucar”. The mountain is 370m high – is a hill technically more accurate? I prefer mountain… makes it more grand 🙂
Botafogo neighbourhood
After Urca, can see Flamengo, and then Botafogo. The one shown here is Botafogo, where there’s a long beach and marina.
statue of Cristo Redentor
Christ’s statue is located behind Botafogo. The entrace of Christo is at a neighbourhood is called Laranjeiras (literally “orange orchard”).
Copacabana beach
Copacabana. The world famous beach. Its summer now, and the beach is packed. Beach fullness is a relation to temperature (higher temp –> very full beach)
at left, Lebnon, and at right, Copacabana
After Copabana, separated by a stone, is the Ipanema and Lebnon. Ipanema is the half of the beach nearer to Copacabana, while Lebnon is nearer to the hill in the photo.
Barra da Tijuca - the newest development, with the largest area
Barra da Tijuca is the ‘newest’ neighbourhood, with development like US, that a car is needed to get around. It is blessed with endless beach of tens of kilometres, perfect for surfing, and freshwater lake at the otherside.

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