Posted on 18 April 2007


That’s how you say ‘bus terminal’ in Portuguese. The actual spelling is Rodovária, how to pronounce it is just different.
I read this from Lonely Planet’s Brazil just now in the jamban, trying ****ing hard to answer to ultimate question of the week “where to go for the 4 days May Day holiday”.

Its really frustrating to know that :-
– this is really big country (5th phyiscally largest in the world)
– travelling by air to ANY of the unvisited attraction is far & expensive (due to long distance, and some involves multipe mode of transport. One example : to go to Brazil’s great canyon (Rio Grande do Sul’s magnificent narrow canyon with waterfalls falling deep, and escarpments of 700m drop)
1st step: need to go to from Rio de Janeiro to Porto Alegre (26hours bus or 2.5hours flight)
2nd step: from Porto Alegre to Cambará do Sul by bus 4hours. Get accomodation there.
3rd step: from Cambará do Sul, by taxi (US50) or public bas (stops 3km away) – ‘n walk to the park
– airlines does not help much by offering expensive flight ticket. We really need AirAsia here
– travelling by bus is not so cheap too, and worst of all jiatlatly time consuming. Example : Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo
by bus –> 6hours – R$65, R$80 for really comfy seat
by flight –> 1hour – R$100
conclusion : with just additional R$35, u save 4 hours doing the OSIM massage on the bus. What would u choose? Anyway, that’s a dilemma too….

wah! what to do? where to go? 4 days… headache…

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