what do you get by crossing cucumber with brinjal?

Posted on 10 May 2007


Cross this cucumber and brinjal
What do you get?

This is an extreme case of cross breeding. It would be equivalent to cross breed a zebra with a buffalo. Imagine the stripes of zebra skin on a big buffalo. The inside would be like buffalo, but with zebra outlook. ZEFALLO would sound nice to this new animal.

I am no scientist, but here’s the the vege that really looks like anak luar nikah of cik cucumber and encik brinjal. Nama dia ialah Abobrinha (Cucurbita pepo L.).

abobrinha profile
At first sight, looks like cucumber that didn’t get much sun light.

pair of aborinha
Solid looking.

It cries too when cut.

but at inside, its characteristics change….

just like brinjal
…. its just like brinjal. Well, sorts of.

just another new encounter at Brazil. Yum… yum….

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