Another road trip – only this time golfing with Mr Siew

Posted on 17 May 2007


We went to 2 cities south of Rio de Janeiro during the May Day holiday. sao Vicente & Maringá.

bus’ seat.

The first city is Sao Vicente. I know it is famous for 2 reason:-
1) primerio cidade do Brasil (literally means First City of Brazil) Does it mean what I think it means?
2) The club of brazillian football player Robinho was here

We departed from Rio de Janeiro using night bus (trip starts at 11:30pm), and arrived next day 7am at Santos city (2 hours from Sao Paulo), Santos is located at coast of Sao Paulo state. After washing up at bus terminal’s jamban, and had breakfast, we took another quick 30 minutes bus ride to Sao Vicente. Its golf time!

You are right, I don’t play golf. I was there on just to jalan-jalan, since tak pernah pergi sana mah…

While jalan-jalan, and following the golfers around the courses (they hit balls, I click photos), I took the opportunity to learn (just theory though) about golf from Mr Siew. He loves to play golf, and at any given opportunity, he’d jump onto a bus to get to a golf course.

Learnt that golf is a gentleman’s game.

Burger lunch. A big chunk of grilled beef sandwiched between some vege & bread. Simply delicious. Tender meat. I can eat this forever.

Shortly after shower, we departed from Sao Vicente, and arrived just on time for dinner at Sao Paulo. So coincidentally met with another colleagues and we had big dinner (more festive than Chinese New Year!). Had Peking duck skin, hor-fan, clam, steamed fish… the list goes on.

After the sumptuous dinner, on the same night, we continued our bus trip.
The next destination is Maringá, 2nd largest city of the State of Parana. Gosh ! We are now 16hours (1,103km) away from Rio de Janeiro.

Ha! Parana. This is the 5th state I’ve been to at Brazil (the states are Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Minas Gerais (MG), Espirito Santos (ES), Sao Paulo (SP), Parana (PR). Cool!

As usual, we freshen up in bus terminal’s jamban, and had breakfast there. Went straight to the Maringá Golf Club. Along the 18km road, can see either corn or soya. Learnt that corn and soya is planted alternately, harvested 6 & 3months later.

Maringá is quieter, compared to Sao Vicente, and according to Mr Siew, its also easier. I have plenty of time in the afternoon, while waiting for Mr Siew to complete the 18 holes (I followed until 9holes only). It was tiring (too embarrassing to say , but its true – lost stamina even to walk round the golf course – super jiat lat ), I took my time to read book too. Reading book, at a golf course – no disturbance, no phones, no TV, no laptop – perfect.

As usual, after shower, we head back to town, to take our bus back to Rio. Departed from Maringá at 8 (I think kuah), and arrived at Rio de Janeiro’s city terminal at 11am. To conclude the trip, we went for Chinese lunch. Again?! After the dinner at Sao Paulo? Of course! Yum!








English meaning of foreign expressions
Since take pernah pergi sana mah = since I’ve never been there mah
Jalan-jalan = walk-walk
Jiat lat = eat energy (lit) or energy consuming, or tiring, or bad situation, whichever suitable to the occasion
Jamban = washroom, or WC

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