Cristo do Redentor at Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro

Posted on 11 June 2007


This is one of the must go place in Rio de Janeiro.

Fast fact:
-1882 Emperor Dom Pedro II intiate construction of Corcovado’s trem.
-1921 idea to construct to commerate Centenarian of Brazil’s independence at 1922.
-1931 statue inaugurated
-1980 pope john paul II visited
-the hill is 710m high.
-Corcovado means ‘hunchback’ due to shape of the hill
-Cristo do Redentor means Christ the Redeemer

To reach there, use bus 422 from Barcas (R$2). Just politely request the bus conductor to help to inform where to stop. She promptly informed us to disembark, at the hill’s trem station. Its very similar to Bukit Bendera’s trem. Statue is located on top of the Corcovado hill.

There are 24 ways to go to the hill.
First : Trem. Cost R$36 return.
verdict : ok lah… so so niah. if you want the experience of riding trem, use this, but boh special one. Can’t see anything from it. Just trees. If you want more, see below alternative.

Second : van / car. Cost R$36 return. Non bargainable.
verdict : this is a lot better because you get to stop at 2 additional vewing points, before heading up to Corcovado. The car will bring you through the neighbourhood of the rich, and the neighbourhood of the extreme poor.

Third : on foot or bycicles. Cost : free, but risks yourself of being robbed at the slumps.
verdict : too far for my. My stamina wouldn’t last that long. Halfway through the hill, you can use van ride up R$5 (no other transport is allowed higher into the hill beyond this point, except for these vans and taxis to avoid congestion).

Fourth : taxi. cost : by meter kuah, can’t really gauge.
brings you direct from hotel to leg of christ’s statue. Good option if you have the cash to spare, and can pau the taxi for a few places in the city.

me? I prefer second option, due to additional 2 viewing points for the same price as the trem.

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