island hopping at Angra dos Reis

Posted on 20 June 2007


William & Nicholas (from Singapore was in town for commissioning). Organized the trip to Angra dos Reis on weekend so they can discover more of Brazil.

fast fact:-
Setting : Angra dos Reis.
Q: Whats that? Q:Angra’s a town where tourist (local & foreigner alike) flock to, to spend island hopping boat trip (or for some, to see how the rich leave on the islands around there).
Q: How to get there? A: We used van. Its slightly more than 2hours from Rio de Janeiro by van. You can use express bus. For more bus info, check out at the Brazil’s bus terminal directory
Q: OK, u guys went by van. More details pls…. A: we book a whole package for R$70 per person that includes van pick-up from Rio to Angra, boat trip, fruits on board, and van’s return to Rio.
Q: what’s not included in the package? A: lunch at island (R$15 per person), snorkle rental for whole trip (R$10 per set), can drinks (R$3 per can), DVD of trip (R$70 per disc).
Q: price of the package? A: R$70 per person. Interested? Booking telephone? Wait ah… i’ll inform later the contact in ‘comments’.

Its winter time now, and water is really coooold. No joke. The water was so tempting, but the fear of chill is hard to fight against.
Will it be better in summer? I won’t know because Rio is located nearly 22deg south of equator, and the current is from further south (bringing in cold current)…. hem… any difference in water temperature in summer? A bit …maybe.

Had great time! Only thing to be remember is : NEVER ORDER THE LUNCH. It is just rice with deeply fried & SALTY fried fish/chicken (as if we didn’t have enough salt already, pls), and fries. Crappy. Anyone can do that. There’s not even salad, or any vege. Simply, plain rice, deeply fried salty fish & fries. Nothing more. Worst of all, that’s R$15 per person. So, 6 of us, we spent $90 on the salt. I’d rather spend a 1 hour waking up earlier to prepare lavish sandwiches & fruits for everyone, and that would cost R$30 the most, and lots of satisfaction…

our boat


Angra dos Reis town

island house

boat’s view from front

5metre deep water, teeming with fish

swim time. looks warm, but its coooold!!!

end of the day

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