Búzios – hotel, beach paradise

Posted on 29 June 2007


William was in town last week.
We arranged a trip to Búzios.
Búzios is 2.5 hours from Rio de Janeiro, with more than 20 magnificent beaches and crystal-clear water contrast with exuberantly sculptured landscape. A picturesque fishing village, became famous when Bridgatte Bardot ‘discovered’ this small town. Now, tourism thrives here, and I guess has become the main economic sustainer. It was elected one of the 10 most beautiful areas in the world, famous for its unique combination of rustic charm, architectural harmony, incredible beauty and sophisticated boutiques and restaurants.

How to get there
There’s airport and flight, but there’s at least 6 daily bus from Rio (more than 6 bus trip per day, check out http://autoviacao1001.com.br for timing & exact price. Cost of a trip to paradize = R$22. How’s that.

Suggestions & Tips
1. rent a buggy at town. Cost R$50 per day (ex petrol). Round the town by your own.
2. get schooner day trip to Cabo Frio & Arrial do Cabo. R$70. Pau transport, boat, drinks. Ex lunch.
3. Avoid peak season (Jan to Mar), to get off-peak price.
4. dressed for beach & island.

I feel that this place is a lot safer compared to Rio (strapping your camera on your neck does not make you a snatch thief target (at least that’s what happened to me). Still, anyway, be careful, ok?
There are MORE THAN 50 hotels, different types to suit your budget, desire. One good link of Buzios is http://www.buziosonline.com.br

Oh yes…. the view is fantastic.

P1240886 is he playing golf?

P1240941 … sea urchins waiting for your leg

P1240951 wow!! look at that house

P1240961 beachouse closeup

P1240969 hokkien : pamp yu (hokkien equivalent of ‘fill oil’)

P1240970 planning the next route

P1240974 summer? nope. winter with freezing water

P1240988 one of the countless beaches

P1250067 snacks & chat

P1250072 fishy men, pushing boat to sea with help of rollers

P1250078 lonely coco

P1250080 one of the facilities you can use, if you buy food & drinks from the stall behind it. Imaginary word “only for customer” is hovering on such things

P1250083 one of the thug hooligan geng that is looking for gaduh

P1250XXX our hotel, click La Soberana for photos & price.

P1250177 roadsite music jukebox

P1250181 our #1 plate – shrimp (camarao na pedra)

P1250231 clothes

P1250264 stones

P1250301 one of the chic hotel

P1250308 self service hot dog

P1250328 lounge

P1250350 view from the lim teh place

P1250375 breakfast cheese, salami, ham

P1250380 hotel’s living room.

P1250415 water taxi. it brings you to different beaches, if you don’t want to walk.

P1250487 picanha (i think this cut of beef is only known in brazil, somewhere at cow’s lower back)

P1250490 mine

P1250515 stoney beach

P1250551 also at stone beach. these are the same hotel saw earlier

P1250578 at end of ilha do boi (island of buffalo)

P1250589 end of the road

P1250598 midday moon

Guys, i have put a complete collection of photos at Image Station.

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