Transformer release date in Rio de Janeiro

Posted on 30 June 2007


Roughly half year ago, it was set to release Transformer movie on July 4 (US’s independence day). My thought at that time : ‘seee beh jiat lat … will be another long wait’.

A few days back, saw on Yahoo that Transformer was released in Singapore & Malaysia. Cool!
UNITOR’s guys (William and Nicholas) are here, so i was thinking of cinema-ing again, like what we did last time they came to Brazil (we watched King Kong, with William, Bernard, Haw, BK). btw, William said he fell asleep watching King Kong.

So, searched, 2 days ago, to check Transformer movie’s showing time, thinking to watch it after work.

I couldn’t believe my eyes : 20 July 2007.
That’s ~20 days after Malaysia’s premier…

My current thought : “now this is really jiat lat’.
I’m shaking my head in disbelief.

Ahu, Transformer will premier on 4th July there in US, right?

Fuelled by dissapointment, also had read the spoiler in

The feeling right now is like you gonna eat a left-over food from the big party.