climbing 270m hill to reach Parque da Cidade of Niterói

Posted on 27 July 2007


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‘Parque da Cidade’ means Park of City.
This is a hilltop viewing point as well as a paragliding jumping point.

This place is 270m high, and road is winding, and hilly.
There is no public transport to reach here, so can get here by walking (30min of angled road), car (10minutes in gear 1), or bicycle (either push your bike or put to lightest gear).

We took the easiest mode of transport, which is good, as you can see houses built at roadside slopes. There is no slumps along the way, so its safe to walk in daylight (provided you do not wear shinny 1cm thick golden braclet lah).

View is great, you can see all attractions of Rio and city of Niteroi from here.
Here’s what you do:
turning your neck right, you will see Rio & Niteroi city.
turning it left, you will see Atlantic Ocean, and the oceanic beaches.

Nevertheless, if your schedule is tight, I’d say, give this place a skip. Its better to spend the evening from Rio, at little hill of Pão de Açúcar, looking back to this place.

However, if you wanna look for a paraglide jump, this is the place! Last 2 years, the price for 1 jump (you are just a passenger, no need to do anything apart from scream and enjoy yourself) is R$100. It lasted more than 20minutes (could be more if wind is stronger (giving bigger lift). Wow, it was so exciting! The first few seconds were unimaginable scary as I saw my feet dangling in thin air….. and tried to make sense out of it…. after that, I couldn’t do anything else apart from marveling the view.

Definitely a must try.

I am not sure of the price now here at Parque da Cidade, but in Rio, the jump cost US$95.

P1260476 paraglider from afar.jpg


P1260550 zhang, sun, mr siew, jim.jpg

P1260494 took off, and turning back to the crowd.jpg

P1260496 another guy, readying to jump.jpg

P1260486 ready to jump.jpg

P1260485 Rio de Janeiro city is across the bay.jpg

P1260567 see the yellow banner? It means ‘for sale’.jpg

P1260568 5 storey tall house (right).jpg

P1260611 badejo fish moqueca style.jpg

P1260579 lunch time. beer in cooler.jpg

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