a day of jalan-jalan at Singapore with Ahu

Posted on 1 August 2007


click on detail of Ahu seeing singapore through color of time

This happened at the time of February Ahu’s posting.

Ahu’s posting present more serious photos, so mine will be on lighter photos.
Here’s my version, ableit, a far overdue one.

I’ll let the photos and its title tell my story.
Some additional words are added, when i think additional comments are needed. Here goes….

Knowing that my friend is gila for guitar & scores, I have one place in mind to show him – National Library at The Esplanade.

I’ve been there a few times, trust me, it place is a Mecca for music lover. There are abundance of knowledge imaginable there. Things I like about that place:-
– there’s video or DVD that is considered rare (I found transformer cartoon movie there!). I think there is a movie room too.
– listening corner. Take any CD, and listen to it at the available cd players.
– quiet, devoid of people.
– the comfy sofa & controlled air con room.

If I were to take guitar seriously, there are lots of scores and tabs of musics from classical to pop, to soundtracks to refer to.

First of all, after makan lunch with Bernard, Kong, William and UNITOR guys, start our jalan-jalan at Clark Quay.

p1190217 gawking in awe

p1190220 clarke quay

p1190222 Jim in conversation with new friends at Clarke Quay

p1190223 Ahu in conversation with new friends at Clarke Quay

p1190226 singapore river tour

p1190229 drank too much just now, and there’s no WC nearby

p1190231 don’t go thinking uai-uai, ok? Its just a reflective moment

p1190234 singapore skyscrapers – noon

p1190237 this is iklan untuk St Anthony Secondary School’s sesi 2008

p1190241 the power of believe

p1190249 macam semangat to join singapore idol. What u think Ahu? Nak cuba?

p1190275 another insightful moment. Yang ni, ialah iklan untuk Wawasan 2020

p1190285 Ahu must be thinking this shop is sexy. Checkout http://ahu-room.blogspot.com and you’ll know what I mean.

p1190290 Signboard to present what shows are on, and what are showing soon at The Esplanade

p1190304 Lost in translation (Versi Singkapore).

p1190327 singapore skyscrapers – evening

p1190339 er-hu cny presentation at The Esplande

p1190347 A moment devoid of inteligence : macam keyboard, tapi macam guitar. Whatever it is, I know it’s not a kopitiam table.

p1190351 Roll & Ahu. Roll joined us just on time for the music presentation.

p1190352 singapore skyscraper – night

P1190360 Well, well, that was our feb’07

After the elaborate intro about the National Library at The Esplanade earlier, how come there’s no photos about it?
It was the creme of this story right? Yup, it is.
But sorry ah… no photos are allowed there.

It’s definitely one of my favourite places at Singapore.

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