Photos of Rio de Janeiro that will make you regret didn’t come here when Jim was still there.

Posted on 27 August 2007


There was Tahun Melawat Brazil ’07 campaign organized by Ministry of Iklan.
It was a hit (it hit the wall). So far no one has utilized the spare room in my apartment that I offered (the room is growing moss & you might find some new species of insects in it).
To recap : for amigos only, if you guys come to Rio, there’s extra room in my apartment -meaning accomodation’s a no worry.

As I will be returning soon to Malaysia (or Singapore), the offer validity is expiring – so hurry up guys.

Anyway, its not too late for last minute kamikaze iklan effort.

After seeing these photos, you guys will be salivating and regret didn’t buy the RM7,891 flight ticket to Brazil (see remark #1) :).

Click here for the mouth watering photos!

Meanwhile, below zoomable photos ‘are taste of things to come’ (quoted from Mortal Kombat)

#1 : this is ticket of 1 year validity. Ticket with shorter validity is generally cheaper.

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