Should tourists go to Burma?

Posted on 18 September 2007



saw this in BBC today.

Here are some interesting quotes that BBC article:-

“It’s impossible to go there and not give money to the government. From the moment your plane hits the tarmac, you’re lining the military’s pockets.”

“Tourism to Burma is helping to prolong the life of one of the most brutal and destructive regimes in the world,” she told reporters once. “Visiting now is tantamount to condoning the regime.”

“We don’t believe the benefits of travel outweigh the disadvantages, so we actively encourage people not to go,” said spokesman Richard Trillo.

The debate goes on. But whatever governments, campaigners and tour agents have to say on the matter, the decision is ultimately up to you.

Me? Weighing the points, till the situation improves, eventhough it is a tempting place, and visiting can actually help the locals…. I think it would be a ‘no’.

Ahu, Roll, Pete ‘n all, guys, what do you think of this question?

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