I have a problem. Siaran tergendala sementara…..

Posted on 23 September 2007


Yo guys,
I put my online photos at sony imagestation.com (especially the ones i share inside here – though sony dictates that all photos must be seen inside their website).
imagestation.com is the best, free, limitless, easy-to-upload website I’ve found so far.

The problem is imagestation.com will be closed down soon.
So new upload is a serious doubt.
Soon, this website (especially the old posts) will be filled with lots blanks instead of photos.

Currently, I have photos to show Nicholas & Kong (views of Afghanistan, Pakistan & India from SIA), some photos of Paris, and Santa Teresa but are on hold till better alternative are found.

Till then, stay tuned!
p/s : guys, any website suggestion?

my main requirement:-
-easy to upload (most important)
-easy to copy photo’s address to wordpress
-viewable photo is not sooo small
-bigger storage capacity (or even better, no limit at all)

Here’s what I have tried out so far:-
-flickr – maximum 200 photos for free account)
-yahoophoto – closing soon (to be integrated with flickr)
-wordpress.com – allows 50Mb only (and I’m reaching 16% now already, even with meager input into it)
-HP snapfish – can’t work in company (script blocked)
-photoworks – can view small sized photos only (hem considering this)

gonna try these:-
-also found more at http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6451_7-6245143-1.html

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