pilgrimage trip to Julau, Sarikei

Posted on 6 October 2007


Its now Saturday at grandma’s house at Julau.

Julau is a small town consisting of a few row of shop houses, located 1 hour from Sibu or Sarikei.

Essentially it is near to jungle. Its jungle in every direction within distance of 300m.

Jungle ? Click Picasa’s photo page to see the trees and river.

Unlike Singapore and Sarikei, or Johor Bahru, whenever it is too hot, clear river#1 is only 10meters away. Perfect for a afternoon hippo lazy dip. Noticed that here in Julau, it is in fact COOLER compared to above cities/towns (I was there for the last few days). We could say : sun’s heat-ray are not so ‘sting-gy’ here…. kekekeke.

note #1: river is clear and shallow now, it has not been raining much lately. It is also not beginning of year, where there’s tendency of flood. Anyone looking for (potential) adventure wadding across yellowish river in midst of buildings but there’s no road to be seen, there’s higher chance to experience it in February.

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