Paris! Paris! Of headache & wonders.

Posted on 2 November 2007


I flew Air France (AF) to Brazil, with stop-over at Paris.
The day I arrived at Paris, Air France’s cabin crew union started their strike (heard it was for 4 days).
Lots of AF flights are cancelled, and consequently, airport hotels are filled with stranded passengers.
Had to stay at a hotel at Bagnolet, Paris (40 mins away from airport?).
No clean clothes to change, with heave backpack.

View of Business class queue for my flight:

Went sightseeing at Paris, since I have already checked in at Bagnolet (a few metro stations away from centre.

Autumn at Paris is just perfect! Its not so cold, and I used only a normal jacket.

Enjoyed strolled along River Seine, near Eiffel Tower, moving along with crowds in Metro, and just seeing the people around me, so much that I was not bothered with fact I speak no French.

Things I find interesting about Parisians are:-
– they are fast walker!
– polite but straight-forwardly blunt
– great at dressing well with style

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