view of FPSO P-54 before it leaves Rio de Janeiro

Posted on 12 November 2007


Oh ya, the tower at foward of the FPSO is a flare tower.

These are the photos of the project I am working on since 2004.
i.e. this is the reason I am here at Rio for 4 year!!!!

Here’s photo album :

Hem… there are quite a few nice photos suitable to be wallpaper. Will make a ‘wallpaper page’ to put all the nice-nice photos…. coming soon!

There’s technical jargon? Here’s definition:-
FPSO is an acronym for floating, production, storage and offloading. FPSO is a floating oil production system that processes the fluids received from the well by separating oil, water, and gas, and storing and offloading crude oil.

Flare tower : discharge & burning location for disposal of surplus combustible vapours.

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