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Posted on 26 November 2007


Come to this website ( and test your vocab.

The good thing is, the better you are in it, and the more time you play this game, you are actually obliging someone to donate grains of rice to someone! How true it is, well I never know, as I never seen a photo of someone from WFP & freerice posing with gunis of rice.

Feels like taking the PMR’s English paper again (the tough choice of tembak which 1 of the 4 possible answers of ‘soalan objektif’). Now, I am having headache & depression due to too much mistakes (or is it ‘too many mistakes’?).

Anyway, it feel syok to know that my headache “might” not done in vain (why use “might”?, I want to believe, but I haven’t seen a photo of someone from WFP and freerice posing with gunis of rice yet).

my headache:

my feel good
You have now donated
790 grains of rice.

Amigos, apa tunggu lagi?

btw, dictionary:
apa tunggu lagi = what are you waiting for? (malay)
guni = measurement of rice (malay) 1 guni = a bag of 50kg
PMR = penilaian malaysia rendah (abbrev of an Malaysian public exam)
tembak = shoot (malay)
soalan objektif = Multiple choice questions (MCQ) (malay)
amigos = friends (brazillian)

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