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Christmas Eve mass at Niterói’s Inga church

December 29, 2007


Went to the nearest church for Christmas Eve. Its a small church at the neighhood of Inga. Scroll below for photos! The next day's Christmas mass is quite solemn and quiet. Maybe its too early (8am), and there's another at 10am and 6pm. I can choose any seats I like, unlike the night before, stood lying onto the church's large wooden door.

makan-makan at Nice’s house (updated)

December 24, 2007


Was invited to Nice’s house for a makan-makan Jonathan & Nice’s engagement. Congrats to the young love birds!! It is actually Nice’s parent’s house that they are building slowly (ie come everyday to build something since her dad has since retired). Well, I’d say it is a small family reunion, with some friends. Food are […]

mega-structure : FPSO P-54

December 14, 2007


Yo guys, For those that are interested with mega-structures, here’s a photos of an interesting one (its also the project I am having affair with now). Interesting facts about it:- overall length = 337m (4.5x length of Airbus A380) breadth = 54m (slightly more than swimming pool’s length of 50m) depth = 21m (Airbus A380’s […]

Juggling Lemon for Living

December 11, 2007


In Brazil, the city center of each town/city is normally called ‘down-town’ or ‘centro’. While majority of people here don’t speak fluent English, the word ‘down-town’ seems so fluently spoken nevertheless. The reason is, I guess, this word has been assimilated into the daily Portuguese language to extend that everyone speaks it naturally. Here, at […]

Kuching’s hidden weekend getaway – Mt Singai

December 5, 2007


If you are at Kuching, have a car, and have a day to spend, here’s one great place to visit. Mt Singai, Bau. Its an agak-agak hour’s drive from Kuching. Its actually a retreat located on a top of hill, and is surrounded by jungles – perfect place to experience jungleness without actually walk on […]

Back from retirement!!

December 4, 2007


I’m referring to my basketball… 🙂 It is a lucky basketball, I have to admit (Its not TOTO type of lucky, ok?). It had never been used more than 10 times in 7 years under my management. I bought it when was in 3rd year of uni, back in Johore. Counting back timeline, that would […]