Back from retirement!!

Posted on 4 December 2007


I’m referring to my basketball… 🙂

It is a lucky basketball, I have to admit (Its not TOTO type of lucky, ok?). It had never been used more than 10 times in 7 years under my management.

I bought it when was in 3rd year of uni, back in Johore. Counting back timeline, that would be year 2000. Had a few great games at UTM’s kolej 6 with Roll.

the ball followed its master to Singapore. But during the whole duration of my stay at Singapore, it was never used, not even once! My basketball is sleeping and enjoying a condominium life… (I’m not better off though, as I played basketball only once in Singapore, with colleagues).

It has lost its bounciness & internal pressure for a when I returned to Singapore last year. Like an old dog that can only wag its tail and continue to lay on the couch when its master came back home.

Seeing how sad it is, being neglected by its master, I figured I need to so something drastic. I brought it to Brazil!

The logic was : why not play basketball here after work, here in Rio de Janeiro, as there is a court 10minutes of jogging distance away.

Actually the reason is : I need exercise, and this is great, combining jogging and hooping.

In fact I have been asking around the Brazillian youngsters I met whether they play basketball or not. You know the answerl-ah, considering in this country, and football is their religion.

However, I realised the will to actually go play is hard, and the excuse is “gonna do it tomorrow, no… lets do it on Friday or on Saturday!”. On Saturday, my excuse is “Its Battlestar Galactica’s & Star Trek Voyager’s time!”. And oh, I have to lie on the comfy couch today to watch Anthony Burdain’s travel cum eating show, or movies on more than 30 pay-tv channels.

Nevertheless, After work today, I decided, there has been so many tomorrows already.

I put on shoe, picked up the soggy ball, went to the street, walking around looking for motorcycle workshop. Actually its paiseh to walk around with a soggy basketball. My intention was to ask whether they can help out with it. Bad news: The boss of one workshop informs a pin is needed to poke through it, and he does not have it. Luckily there’s a bicycle shop 2 blocks away, he informed. Went there, and problem was ifentified solved immediately, upon seeing the ball. No trashing out of my kao-sai Portuguese is needed. Got the ball stiffed & harded as it should be. I asked around in the shop “Anyone plays basketball?”, There’s an old uncle replied, “I did, 50years ago”. Cool, but I looked at him, and he’s really fragile, I swallowed my question “Yo uncle, wanna come play basketball, relive your young time?” before it was blurted out.

After pumping the ball, I tested the ball’s pressure by holding it at waist height, and let it go to see its bounciness. After a few ‘injection’ of pressurized air, I realised the old uncle was retreating further and further, as if the ball might explode. Dun scare me lah, uncle. Finally, at the last ‘injection’, the old uncle declared sound of the bounce seems ok. That’s it. I agreed with him. Off I go to the basketball court.

Arrived at around 6pm, and practice alone for almost 1 hour to improve my fail rate from 90% (to agak-agak 60% kuah), before another lad come. We played a game. Scored 12 to 8… kekeke .. not bad for a retiree that is quite lauya.

Next, the real experts arrived, 3 are real pro, while another there’s another 1 eager player which his hair looks like the Alley Cats’s Loga. Siap dengan baju uniform Rockets pulak too… Cool!

Sayang didn’t play with them, sebab kaki sudah kejang. Apahal kaki kejang? Sebab the 12-8 game lah… see beh tired.

I’m so tired now! But it feel great!
Time to doze off…..

kolej = college (malay)
paiseh = embarrasing (malay)
kao-sai = in a extremely low standard, literally dog-shit (hokkien) [also learnt this recently]
agak-agak = roughly (malay)
kuah = anyone knows how to explain? I’m too lazy to search the net for proper words…..
lauya = lausy (hokkien)
Siap dengan = complete with (malay)
baju = shirt (malay)
pulak = haiyah… another lazy words…
sayang = in this context, it means ‘what a pity’ (malay)
sebab = Reason (malay)
kaki = leg (malay)
sudah = already (malay)
kejang = cramped due to lack of oxygen (malay)
apahal = why (malay)
see beh = really (hokkien)

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