Juggling Lemon for Living

Posted on 11 December 2007


traffic light juggle for living

In Brazil, the city center of each town/city is normally called ‘down-town’ or ‘centro’. While majority of people here don’t speak fluent English, the word ‘down-town’ seems so fluently spoken nevertheless. The reason is, I guess, this word has been assimilated into the daily Portuguese language to extend that everyone speaks it naturally.

Here, at down-town, weekdays are hectic – since almost all offices are located here, while on weekends it is deserted. At some places, there’s even needs to deploy military police (PM) on weekends.

Here’s also where most of people try to earn a living.

Juggling lemon at traffic light is one of them. What happens is, at some particular traffic lights, when the signal turns red, the kids will juggle lemons, sometimes there will be a kid stand on back of another kid, or sometimes young lad dressed as clown, and at other traffic light, there will be another lad juggling flaming sticks. What ensues is they will knock at each car’s window asking for money, just before the light turn green, in return for their performance. Everyday, on our way back from office, I always see, without fail, at a traffic light that is ‘stationed’ by a certain group of kids, and the kids work their juggle. There was one funny encounter, we saw a young kid (maybe of 4 years old) – he’s really bad at juggling – tried to juggle and failed to catch even once. While other kids normally perform up to 20seconds, he did a rapid 2~3seconds (and that was not even juggling), before self-assured went knocking at each car for money.

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