mega-structure : FPSO P-54

Posted on 14 December 2007


Yo guys,

For those that are interested with mega-structures, here’s a photos of an interesting one (its also the project I am having affair with now).

Interesting facts about it:-
overall length = 337m (4.5x length of Airbus A380)
breadth = 54m (slightly more than swimming pool’s length of 50m)
depth = 21m (Airbus A380’s height is 24m)
generated power = 125MW (more than Batang ai’s 100MW capacity)
oil processing = 180,000 barrel per day (or 11 olympic sized swimming pools)
oil storage capacity = 2 million barrel of oil
total weight of steel used = 77,682 tonnes
fresh water capacity= 1268m3 (29 thousand carton of 365ml dozen pack of Coca-Cola)

Now, that’s a life-long supply of Coca-cola!!


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