makan-makan at Nice’s house (updated)

Posted on 24 December 2007



Was invited to Nice’s house for a makan-makan Jonathan & Nice’s engagement.
Congrats to the young love birds!!

It is actually Nice’s parent’s house that they are building slowly (ie come everyday to build something since her dad has since retired).

Well, I’d say it is a small family reunion, with some friends.

Food are great, yummy! Loved the fish (deep fried corvina) made by her mom. Like what Anthony Burdain says, good food is made by people who love what they do, and I saw joy (literally) beaming from her mom’s face in midst of busy preparing the food for everyone outside.

Photos are coming… after I come back from greja yah.

update : on second thought. above photo has actually summarized the whole event!

Family & friends, – Feliz Natal & que ano 2008 lhe traga gratas surpresas!
I am not sure whether above Portuguese is correct, but, what the heck, cincai lah… I am sure you guys can guess the meaning, right? kekee

cincai : not being done seriously (malay)
makan : eat (malay)
greja : church (portuguese)

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