Christmas Eve mass at Niterói’s Inga church

Posted on 29 December 2007


Went to the nearest church for Christmas Eve. Its a small church at the neighhood of Inga. Took some photos to share, how Christmas mass is celebrated here.

The proceedings are generally the same, but the sermon is definitely boring (and long), since I don’t really understand conversational Portuguese among brazilians.

But somehow I understood when the priest stressed on “do not receive the Eucharist using your hand”. (my SSR (Subconscious Selective Reception) was on at that time kuah).

It is crowded, full to the door, and though I arrived 5 minutes earlier, I had to stand lying onto the church’s large wooden door, amongst others.

A common here is, I observed that people moves in and out of the church during mass quite often. Maybe its too hot inside? People also wear more casual. Saw quite a lot of people (not just youngsters) in bermuda shorts & t-shirt.

The next day’s Christmas mass is quite solemn, quiet and quite vacant, attended by mostly elders. Maybe its too early (8am), since there’s another morning mass at 10am and evening at 6pm.

Christmas Eve mass at Niterói’s Inga church « walking around.jpg
the church is packed.
the 3 wise kings, papa Joe, mama Mary & baby Jesus.
The padre is the one with skype phone.
candle & paper protector. cool idea! Simple to do.
the choir.
the christmas deco next to altar.

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