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scenes at Gloria’s Sunday market

January 29, 2008


Been to this place a month ago. It is a perfect walking around spot inf you've been to the 'must-go' tourist attractions of Rio. Note : It's open only on Sunday morning to noon, okay? Don't show up on.....

Even tree has hairdresser – was it by Vidal Sassoon?

January 22, 2008


Saw these few photos in my photo archive, when I was organizing my things, and packing up to move apartment. Talking about moving, here's another news : I'm .....

AirAsia’s changing fare policy – pissing me off

January 14, 2008


This has got nothing to do with travel, its just a ‘tak syok’ statement. Ya, ya.. I know that its in the terms and condition (I never bother to verify about the penalty, but of course it is, as it would be everytime), but here goes: I have a ticket from JHB to SBW dated […]

introducing Ouro Preto (a UNESCO world heritage site)

January 12, 2008


This was the place I wanted to go again for the 4 days holidays last new year eve. Didn’t go because there’s no bus ticket. This place is located deep inside state of Minas Gerais (sounds like Minas Tirith (of Lord of the Ring)), and during summer time, people flocks to the beach, so I […]

Blocos das Piranhas (updated)

January 6, 2008


updated: Blocos da Piranhas literally means “blocks of piranha fish”. In fact, I found a pretty good explanation here. Scroll to end of this posting to see another update. Roll, as I mentioned, here are the crazy photos! Blocos das Piranhas is street party takes place on every new year’s eve’s noon to late evening. […]

New Year countdown at Copabana Beach was a bang!!

January 3, 2008


That’s us, along with other 2 million others at the Copacabana beach. Highlights: -20 minutes of of fireworks. -Hours prelude of loud samba music for 2008’s Carnaval. If you do not plan to visit Copacabana for next years’ countdown, you can skip below. Cheers!! Feliz Ano Novo, amigos! . . . . . . . […]