Blocos das Piranhas (updated)

Posted on 6 January 2008


updated: Blocos da Piranhas literally means “blocks of piranha fish”. In fact, I found a pretty good explanation here.

Scroll to end of this posting to see another update.

Roll, as I mentioned, here are the crazy photos!

Blocos das Piranhas is street party takes place on every new year’s eve’s noon to late evening.

However, what makes this party special is
1) the guys dressed up as girls
2) its all fun (if you can take the jokes & shoves by the ‘girls’)
3) the guys are mostly straights, and interestingly they are using mom or girlfriend’s clothes.
4) everyone can join in, and there’s no entrance ticket. You don’t even have to buy beer there, and bring your own from home
5) (i like this the most), after the party, the new year eve countdown is a few hours away!

Why do Brazillian do this? Sorry! I don’t know… I’d curious to know too! Have to ask their help to explain! : Os amigos de Brasil, podem você toda a ajuda explicar? Obrigado!

It was soooo packed! I guess there were tens of thousands people there.

Everyone dressed up as girls!
Friends took photo of girls’ bum
With all these Spidermens, you better hide Green Goblin!!!
Horny babes, help!!!
Kenny Sia was here too (3rd photo)
Look at what the santa helper has under the pants! Guys do their weirdest
Obviously the boy didn’t catch party fever. Oh that was a man or woman? I’m confused.
Cowmen team. Made new friends. Here’s Raquel. Hi!!
The dark girl looks familiar.. looks like a movie star, can’t remember who.

I went to Copacabana next for new year countdown later!

Phew, that’s my last day of 2007.

p/s : do not hang your camera when you travels in Rio de Janeiro, like what you see in my photos, okie? I dare to do it during the party because I am surrounded by friends, and the crowds.

click to enlarge what the yellow arrow points to
These friends are really happy, and crazy!! Great times!! YO!!!!

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