introducing Ouro Preto (a UNESCO world heritage site)

Posted on 12 January 2008


This was the place I wanted to go again for the 4 days holidays last new year eve.
Didn’t go because there’s no bus ticket. This place is located deep inside state of Minas Gerais (sounds like Minas Tirith (of Lord of the Ring)), and during summer time, people flocks to the beach, so I never thought will encounter this problem.

I’ve been there before in 2004, and really enjoyed it. It was the focal point during the gold rush, and can see lots of really old and beautiful buildings. I’ll leave the intro to other peoples.

Oh ya, the city was built on various small hills, so there’s lots of inclined roads to climb (not just walk!), and the each house is at different height.

Really enjoy this place because apart from the really old buildings, the view is superb, and I think this is one of the place to bring girlfriend for the weekend getaway (away from bustling summertime beaches and city).

Enjoy the photos!

One more attractions if you guys really come to brazil leh…


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