Even tree has hairdresser – was it by Vidal Sassoon?

Posted on 22 January 2008


Saw these few photos in my photo archive, when I was organizing my things, and packing up to move apartment.
Talking about moving, here’s another news : I’m coming back home! (Pandora : I know, its just a home leave :). But, I am pretty sure this will be the LAST time! Bet on a wantan mee.

Will be arriving at Singapore at evening of Jan 25! Feels great to be going home (already feeling syok and excited even I’m not flying yet).

Here the photos. Anyone has other such photos? Would be syok to see them too… do share it, okay? Roll, aussieland ada pokok hensem?

040417-122-punta-arena-chile-mini.thumbnail.jpgSaw this at Chile’s Punta Arena (Chile’s southernmost city, or world’s 2nd southernmost city.
Kuiz Geography : Who knows what’s the southernmost city? Geographic class by Cikgu er… siapa? Can’t remember who thought u Geography – jiatlat!)

Saw this at Paris’ Museum of Weapon (musée de l’Armée) when I was there last October.

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