scenes at Gloria’s Sunday market

Posted on 29 January 2008


Been to this place a month ago.
It is a perfect walking around spot inf you’ve been to the ‘must-go’ tourist attractions of Rio.
Note : It’s open only on Sunday morning to noon, okay? Don’t show up on Monday….. kekekee.

english : garlic, malay : lupa, portuguese :lupa
slightly red colored ang-moh garlic.
english:tapioca, malay:ubi kayu, portuguese: aipim.
they have the kueh ubi kayu, but its quite expensive. One slice is R$2.
english : guava, malay: jambu batu, portuguese :goiaba
english: chilly, malay : cili, portuguese : pigmenta
various kinds of chilli. the smallest ball type is the hottest. Don’t remember we have it at Malaysia.
english: watermelon, malay: tembikai, portuguese : melancia
sweet n juicy, one of the easiest to consume. Currently its R$0.90 per kilo.
english : dunno, malay : ciku, portuguese : sapoti.
the ciku here is monster big!! I reckon the one I bought was 60mm in diameter.
english :lychee, malay : laici, portuguese : lichia.
I asked the seller, where it is from, he replied, originally from Indonesia, but now planted in northern Brazil.
english : jack-fruit, malay : nangka, portuguese : jaka (tipo dura)
this fruit is not sold in many shops, I noticed, and is only found in such market, could it due to the smell & difficulty to process before can be sold?
english : white raddish, malay : tak tau, portuguese : tak tau
another giant! The next Godzilla could be from Brazil.
english : tak tau, malay : lagi tak tau, portuguese : confirm tak tau
english : lime, malay : limau, portuguese :limao
This is the lime they use almost everywhere (for juggling, for caipirinha (national cocktail), for squeezing on top of fish) p1330169_resize-crap.jpg
english : crab, malay : ketam, portuguese : caranguejos
one of things i rather not try…
english : fish, malay : ikan, portuguese : peixe
english : tak tau, malay :tak sedap, portuguese : anchovas
the seller is so invisible…..
english : pineapple, malay : nenas, portuguese : abacaxi.
english : cheese, malay : keju, portuguese : queijo
barbeque cheese. weird ler…. its from northern Brasil.
What are they doing with asam here at Brazil!!! Sup ikan masam??
english : tak tau, malay : asam, portuguese : tamarindo
english : orange, malay : limau?, portuguese : laranja

This is a great place to do grocery replenishment.
Come when its noon (its time when the stalls are closing), and there will be serious price slash for vegetables.
A vege thas was sold for R$2 can be 50cent! No bargaining needed.
The nangka (jackfruit) is also a good bargain, if you buy it whole. I bought packet of R$2, while another stall sells whole big jackfruit for R$3.50!!! But in the end, its $$ versus conveniency. No one would carry that few kilo of jackfruit back home too, if you can carry a small packet, and don’t need that much, right?

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