photos from the offshore oil platform – not offshore banks one lar…

Posted on 16 March 2008


Received a few photos of our FPSO project that is currently in operation.

For friends that are not familiar with oil related jobs & environments, here’s some photos that can give a small overview of a portion of the industry:

Light blue. That’s the color of the 1,4000m deep sea at Brazil.
kinda soothing color yah…. but not for those who can’t swim, or at least those with bathophobia or selachophobia (indirect consequence of watching too much Jaws movie).

These chains (and ropes that are submerged & hidden) tie the platform to seabed. The depth is 1,400+ m, so the chains & ropes are slightly longer.

main-main yah? Macam the remote controlled boat yah?
Well, I guess its a underwater probe.

Helicopter is landing, most probably with new crew. Normally, crews that works offshore change shift every 2weeks. At some countries, they work for 2weeks, while rest for 3weeks.
Why land based job tak boleh macam nie!? tak syok, tak adil!! tak syok nie…. 🙂

This is a supply vessel. The sea here is not as rough as North Sea at ‘scotch-land’, but its enough to make me for a remake of Kuala Terengganu ‘feeding the fish’ scene (MSET geng – remember our sea trial of the Polis Marin aluminium vessel’s sea trial at 2000?)

Houses of complex machineries/equipments that process the oil & gas from the seabed, provides electricity and various other tasks. The slanting tower is ‘flare tower’ where unwanted gas are flared/burnt off.

Installation of a component of the sea cooling injection pump.

Work at the sea is not so bad after all yah……..

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