Aerial photos of Sibu, (of Sarawak, Malaysia) (updated)

Posted on 9 April 2008


Here are some photos of Sibu town of Sarawak.

Sibu is 2nd largest town in Sarawak, and is mostly known as the ship-maker town. I heard, at this town itself, there are more than 50 shipyards, making from tug boats, express boats to ‘robot’. :).

Attraction wise, of course it can’t beat Kuching (there’s no orang-utan reservation, there’s no cultural center, there’s no ‘real’ museum (except for little tiny museum at the civil center), but the things i know would do here would be:-
1) lazy stroll at the market (in front of jetty). Great for photo taking & seeing new things
2) shopping at jalan ‘aku-tak-tau’, which is very much like mini Jonker Street of Malacca. Perfect for souvenir hunting.
3) bukit aup? er… dunno leh… don’t really like go jogging at the bukit aup (tiring lah). The view’s not so syok too…

I don’t really know Sibu well, but anyway, enjoy the photos!

sibu town center.

close up of the express boat terminal. the long white things are express boats (plane without wings).
p/s : the express boat services to Durin & Sarikei has ceased to exist (found out this in Feb 2008).

zoom out of sibu town.

zoom out again of sibu town. Now, that’s the actual view from plane.