first wedding I attended at Brazil

Posted on 15 April 2008


I received an email from Elder, a few days back.
It was an invitation to his wedding.
We met Elder, at another wedding (wedding of Tiago & Keila. Keila is Gurgel daughter and in turn, Gurgel’s our colleague… phew… what a long relationship). Nice guys. Now he’s the happiest guy, as he’s getting married soon :).

Below are photos I took at Keila & Tiago’s wedding.

bouquet of flower, on the way to the hall

the godparents are seating, the pastor is the one standing up. Pity him, no seat for him. 🙂

entry of flower girls,

accompanied by live music

and troumpet,

this is roughly the ‘I do’ part

the attendees then wishes/congrats the newly weds & their parents at the exit of hall.

next, everyone went to another venue for dinner.

that’s nice table. one interesting thing is people will help match you to a table what suits you, to ensure you won’t feel bored/awkward (really like that idea!). We sat with a group of youngsters, and thats where we had great chat with Elder and some other fantastic guys.

slide of photo shows

Congrats, Elder!

May your days
together be full of
Love and Care
for each other
Congratulations on Your Wedding!

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