a day in midst of press journalists/photographers

Posted on 30 April 2008


Had a totally cool experience recently:

We had a company function 2 weeks ago. Its basically a JV signing ceremony held at city of Rio’s Governor Office.

Its a very public occassion. Lots of journalists were there.
Dress code for the function is formal. For men is suit & tie. I don’t have both. But can’t miss it, so ….

…had to think of a solution…

…took my camera, and i was ‘the photographer of the company’. Of course without suit, no point really to mix with the crowd. It would be like a colorful hen in midst of elegant swans… nah feeling kekok doing that too…

So, there’s a stage at centre of the function too – for journalists , press, photographers…

The best thing is – we are taller than everyone else, cause we were on a half meter stage.

I figured out – that’s where i’d be! Gosh, I was standing in the press’ stand. Cool! Kena eksen sikit mah…

Can see how they work…..

Was surrounded by beautiful journalists too…..

I chatted with the girl in green top. She’s from a radio station. While chatting, she suddenly took out a mosquito repellent cream from handbang and offered to me. I was a bit ‘huh?’, but in fact Rio was under attack by Dengue. Mosquito repellents ran out of stocks. Apparently I didn’t noticed how bad it was until she offered me the cream.

\Oh ya, she fell down from the stage. She was behind me, so couldn’t avoid it. Everyone (guests) turned around to see why the ‘bang’. Luckily she didn’t got hurt.

After a long wait, everyone’s here. In fact everyone was waiting for Rio de Janeiro’s Governor. Heard that he was delayed due to an emergency meeting.

This is the governor, Mr Sergio Cabral Filho.

..and the girls immediate sprang into action…

My view blocked them… but let them do their work…

After that it was interview session. Just like on tv. The bigshot gets all the press. I think he is the Minister of Industry.

Of course lots of different tidbits to try….

And, here’s the guy without the suit, but survived the day…. 🙂

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