Asia came to Rio de Janeiro! (updated)

Posted on 8 May 2008


Mr Siew & I were walking in Santa Teresa (the Bohemian neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro) when we heard a waiter at a new restaurant trying to pull customers, saying something “…asian cuisine….”. But when he mentioned “…speciality from Malaysia, Singapore…”.

Malaysian & Singapore food at Rio? I couldn’t believe it. If its authentic Malaysian food, it would be a first in this 6million habitant Rio de Janeiro! So far, I know there are few chinese restaurants, 1 ‘thai’ restaurant open by ang-moh chef (quite crappy). But Malaysian & Singaporean food! Its like coming back home!

Okay. Cut long story short, the chefs are flew directly from KL, Malaysia! 3 of them actually. This is going to be a real treat!
As for me, I can’t wait to blurt out my crappy cantonese.

us with chefs (Lum & Choy) & owner (Gordon).
Did I got the name right, Mr Siew?

Presenting the 3rd chef, Ong, also from KL.

Mr Siew.

We were thinking of having a drink, but was pleasant surprised when Gordon insisted he make some tidbits for us.

Foods in portuguese with english & cantonese pronuciation.

Friendly staffs… I was impressed that most of the staffs speak good English (a rarity in such neighbourhood).

introducing ‘satay’. They controlled the quantity of chilli, thus creating very mild and yet contains very flavour of satay paste. I think it is perfect for the Cariocas as they can’t eat spicy food.
p/s: Carioca = inhibitants of city of Rio de Janeiro.

I have to say, this is special treatment. All the chefs & the owner were with us. thanks guys!

It tasted like sweet and sour pork ribs, but Choy, the chef said… “more or less”. That means some secret sauces….. I like this one. But satay would be the I-miss-home food.

Guess what : We were their first customers from Asia! Quite an easy feat actually, coz, the restaurant had been opened 3 days when we stumbled upon it. Anyway, we were their first customers from Asia!

Yo amigos at Rio, if you are interested to try something Malaysian & Singaporean, here are the infos:
their website :

their flyer’s info:

their map:

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