morning rain, mountain noon & Urca sunset

Posted on 17 May 2008


Went jalan-jalan with Mr Siew. This time we went to Sugar Loaf (or Pão de Açucar in Portuguese) . Sugar Loaf is 1 of 4 most popular names that rhyme with the name of Rio de Janeiro city. The others are Copacabana (world famous beach), Ipanema (the song Girl from Ipanema by Tom Jobim, also sang by Frank Sinatra), and Cristo Redentor (the new 7 wonder of the world. Naturally, this is where the tourists flock to. Naturally (again) this is safe place to flash your camera & hang it onto your neck without any worry of “what Peter said about getting out alive from Rio”. This proves that you are wrong (again!) Peter! :).

Wanted to show to him the trail in which we can reach Sugar Loaf
without need of using cable car (save the R$35 ticket money too) so when his family comes, there’s more interesting things he can show them to. One catch though, via climbing, one can only reach the first peak (the higher 2nd peak is steep and hard to climb), and the good view is at 2nd peak. Blimey!

Anyway, for long term tourists, this is a good way to spend a day.

We started the day at 10am, but due to rain, we went to a church and accompanied the ongoing Mass. Rain stops one our later, and we proceed to Urca (this is the neighbourhood where Sugar Loaf is located).

Before one can climb, he/she must reach Praia Vermelha (Red Beach). At left of beach is a jogging trail & at right is a military club. We saw 2 men and their fish.
p/s: start point of climb is somewhere in the jogging trail.

Arrived at first peak. Can already see Jesus from here.

boats are parked below, at the bay.

something is wrong with this boat. its ‘pissing rainbow’ into water.

well, that’s the 2nd peak we couldn’t go.

Later, we went down, and had late lunch at a military club. The price is not so-so, at R$35 per kilo.

Next, went to Urca neighbourhood. I reckon it is one of the safest neighbourhood in Rio due to 2 reasons. One is there’s no slump nearby, and another is due to there’s only 1 road into it. Robbers would have nowhere to run to.

We walked to the end of Urca, and saw a restaurant & bar. People were basically drinking bear at the waterfront.

enjoying the simple daily but fascinating view…


Hobby fisher…

reflection of people from car’s window.

meat pie and beer

It was almost sunset when we started to leave the place.

Took below photos while we were walking back to Botafogo (a neighbourhood nearby) where I took a bus back to Niteroi.

Met a guy which travelled on bus from Peru to Bolivia and Argentina. His last bus ride was a 48 hour bus from Buenos Aires to Rio. Ouch….that’s an awfully long journey, his butt must be real flat now… but Mr Siew said, if there’s time he don’t mind doing it. I agree with him. If have 1 month to jalan-jalan, and have a company, I’ll also embark on such trip. Guys… any taker? My Brazil stay will end in November.

more info about Pao de Acugar from the official cable car website :

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