Brazillian weird fruits / Buah-buahan ganjil Brazil

Posted on 30 May 2008


Why its called ‘weird fruits’?

It’s due to one of below reasons:-
1) its uncommon to brazillians, or
2) its uncommon to non-brazillians (eg me), or
3) its uncommon to both brazillians & non-brazillians.
specimen #1 looks like unwanted ipoh limau bali
name : Limau Bali (malay), pomelo (english), zabão-combate (portuguese) – I copied from below photo, and frankly to me it means “combat soap” – weird.

specimen #2 coco crunch
name : sapoti (portuguese), ciku (malay)

specimen #3 yellow bowling pins
name : granadilla or maracuja (portuguese), passion fruit (english),
this is alien to me

the fruit stall has mirror to show double the fruit quantity, without actually having so much. cheapskate trick. Good one though…. 🙂 kekeke…

specimen #4
name : abil dourado (portuguese) from amazon
another alien…

specimen #5a superman’s food
name : super amore (portuguese)
this is from planet Krypton.

all sorts of fruits…

specimen #5b
name : buah nona (malay), custard apple (english), rollinia (portuguese)

specimen #5c
name : maracujá doce (thanks Maria & Fabio!) (portugues), passion fruit (english)
The seeds are chewable, crunchy, like cereal.

specimen #6
name : inga (portuguese) another amazon fruit.
didn’t taste this one though…. misssed it!

specimen #7 p/s, look at the red long atomic bomb in front of the lady!
name : melão cruá or jamelão (portuguese)
didn’t taste it too…

specimen #8
name : kino (portuguese) kiwano (english)
didn’t taste it too…
found additional interesting info here: adventuras da uma gringa.

specimen #9
name : breadfruit (english), fruta pão (portuguese)
hem… found out that mr siew didn’t know this fruit… looks like this fruit is not so common at Singapore. There’s a giant breadfruit tree few meter away from my grandma’s house.

specimen #10a
name : abacate (thanks to Naiara!) (portuguese) , avocado (english)

sorry yah… tak berani makan….

specimen #10b
name : persimmon (english), caqui(portuguese), āng-ké (hokkien), sāi(hokkien)
Fulamak, this box cost only R$7! Unbelieveable cheap!

specimen #11 they got this right
name : rambutam (portuguese), rambutan (malay), rambutan (english)
wahseh…… this is expensive! R$10 for 100gram.
customer : boss, bagi satu kilo rambutan!
taukeh : nah.. satu kilo bagi lu … lua latus linggit sini mali! (becoz R$1 is approx RM2).
customer pengsan on the spot

specimen #12
name : pitaya (portuguese), dragonfruit (english)
in this photo, can see both common types at Malaysia (the white & red flesh type)

specimen #13
name : pitaya (portuguese), dragonfruit (english)
now… this dragonfruit is exotic… if u guys plant this in Malaysia… sure will become kaya one lah… (of course cannot give the batang to other people to tanam lah).

specimen #14 wrong IC lah…
name : the thorny one at back is graviola (portugues). the one at front is ‘fruit X’ (english) or ‘fruita X’ (portugues).
seriously, its name is not ‘graviola’. Graviola is Durian Belanda (or ang-moh lulian in hokkien) that is at backside of this UFO. See?


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