meaning of ‘Stadhuys’ at Malacca town

Posted on 9 June 2008


Yo guys,
I just found that Stadhuys (neh, the little red building at Malacca town center ah…) is Dutch word Stadhuis that means “City Hall”.

While there’s feeling of syok … sebab learn new meaning of word that is part of our life, at the same time, there’s a parallel tak-syok feeling of “sekarang baru tau, pahal bukan 1995 or 1996? kurang-kurang boleh show-off kat kelas Cikgu Narimah mah” (evil grin, and thought of ‘what if, we can go back to the past…’ muahaha(laugh of Dr Evil)) 🙂

While we are at Malacca, lets enjoy some famous ping-pong chicken riceballs.
From the photos, in random order are uncle with gelas-mata, Desmond, Steph K, Anthony, payong, Julian, kipas, Steph P, Harold, tanglong, Beth, er… sorry yah.. yang lain tarak kat sini).

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