a cloudy day with Jesus….

Posted on 26 June 2008


One tip for visitor-to-be to Corcovado, a.k.a. Cristo Redentor, if there’s a cloud surrounding it, the chance is it will not go away within that few hours. :). You better change your plan and do a u-turn to Ipanema.

finger pointing game… “It wasn’t me, its Yaso’s who broke the vase, mom!”

more clouds

This day is the better days foggy. We could see Jesus.

A boy thinks away the cloud. Now, that’s the power of mind.

At far back, is the Gavea rock, with its unmistakeable saddle shape.

there be lots of people there, but don’t worry, you’ll get your turn to poss with Yaso… hehehe… afterall, He’s the boss there.

its almost sunset now, photo of Yaso. Hem, so Yaso is facing East

At this side, is the Guanarabara Bay, Sugar Loaf, and Central (business district),

Nic & William.


And of course there’s always pretty lass around. Afterall, this is Brazil, isn’t it?

who’s photographing who?

Anyway, a note on weather. A day as cloudy as this is quite rare at Rio de Janeiro in summer time. Don’t worry. Just watch out for rainy season in end March to April. The rain is like broken watertap that fall and fall, and fall non-stop. It may drizzle, but it falls non-stop that may spoil your whole day. Once it rains, it rains really long. A Brazillian friend mentioned there’s a song by Tom Jobim, Águas de Março (Waters of March).

However, this one is true – clouds seem to stuck at this hill and Sugar Loaf. Interestingfullness! Beats me.

p/s : ‘Yaso’ is how you say Jesus in Chinese dialect of Hokkien.

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