(almost) Aerial view of Ingá neighbourhood, Niterói (updated)

Posted on 27 June 2008


updated : Thanks Samantha! almost all photos are now available in bigger view when clicked.

This is the neighbourhood of Ingá, viewed from 14th floor of an apartment.
Ingá is a small neighbourhood at municipal of Niterói city. Niterói is sister of Rio de Janeiro city. Just like JB & Singapore… separated by a bay.

If you see in above b&w photo, can see the tiny spec of Corcovado where statue of Yaso (Jesus) is! I’ve known some Brazillians that have never been to Corcovado their whole life. I guess I understand why, they’ve been living together, seeing Yaso everyday…

Click to see detail. I think you guys will be surprised if you can’t find any road, except for the small stretch at left.

Here, the roads are quite sistematic. They, first of all are all diagonal and perpendicular (like chess board). Next important thing, is most roads are uni-directional (one way street). So, with this, every next parallel road is going the opposite direction. So easy to turn back if you overshoot…..

See that this house is ‘isolated’. Yeah, there’s a roof-top for BBQ too… cool.

But actually they are not. There’s normally a thin stretch of connecting road to houses inside.
See above red colored road leading to a house in midst of all buildings?

Totally different from Sarawak! I think we are not used to letting go our lawn (normally small patch of non-arable land behind our terrace house 🙂 kekeke) and live within concrete walls yet.

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