comparison of newspaper of Brazil, Maaysia & Singapore. Which is the best? (updated)

Posted on 28 June 2008


The Straits Times
Singapore’s The Straits Times. Great read, though sometimes is too thick, but most of the time informative. The saturday copy is really as thick as my university’s reference book.
The best part is the detail analyses in ‘review’, ‘insight’, and the articles by the columnnists (always looking forward for Sumiko Tan’s pieces).

Malaysia’s The Star. Its small size is one main draw. Easy to flip, and read when mencangkung making cake too…. muahaha 🙂

Malaysia’s New Straits Times. I remember, there nothing particularily different from The Star, except for the size. Its size is great for morning lazy coffee session at local kopitiam (to be more natural, use singlet, with one leg on the stool…)

Brazillian’s Meia Hora (meaning ‘Half Hour’). Less than 14pcs, and abundant with advertisement, sports pages, lifestyle, with 4 or 5 news mostly about police’s operation against the drug dealers). The below half of the news paper that asks ‘Qual o melhor bumbum da historia?’ means ‘Which is the best butt in history?’. Front page of a newspaper. Now, that’s what i call news.
MPKB guys will certainly be dissapointed seeing above.

The best newspaper would be a combination of all 4 above (ok, on second thought, lets dis-consider NST).

(updated) Actually, jokes aside, the press reality is here different compared to Malaysia / Singapore.