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Posted on 16 July 2008


Went for a tour into Rochina (the favela which I mentioned in earlier post) last Sunday with wenwei & her friends from Malaysia. The guide mentioned mentioned the favela is controlled by drug trafficker, thus it’s quite safe. Down inside, I’m hoping to see someone carrying a riffle/gun. Aihseh… tak nampak.

Its an extremely eye-opening trip; to a totally different part of Brazil we’ve never step into/known, coz all the while, have never been to a favela before. Anyway, after this trip, won’t venture into favela uninvited as well.

Am attaching some photos of faces of Rocinha, most of the capture faces are friendly and happy, but there are also lots of other faces.

Each photos is zoomable. Click on them for full size!

morning smoke, enjoying view from rooftop.

kid watching from window as a band plays next door.

here’s the band.

lazily enjoying the day.

kids we met loves being photographed.

perfect day for a kite flying.

this lil’ boy is ‘hooked’ onto a railing, watching other kids kite-flying.

happy kids.

sun bathing?

at a typical house’s wall – uncovered red bricks.

walking down from house, noted there’s no railing.

even uncles also likes to take photos.

requests his photo to be taken

spontaneous thumbs up & smile.

i was peeking from behind them, but spontaneously everyone turns and gave thumbs up & smile.

walking down stairs.

after took her photo, the girl ask “cade fotos”, meaning “where’s fotos”, wanted to see how she came out.

mom with baby, while other 2 enjoying sun basking.

Trip booked with by “Don’t be a gringo, be a local”.
Website is http://bealocal.com/
R$65 per person. Includes pick-up from hotel, and transport back.
This interesting link with photos & stories and this basically explains what we did, so no need to repeat them.

Enjoy de photos.

More photos to come.

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