Ipanema Beach during perfect weather

Posted on 23 July 2008


Perfect weather here in Rio just needs to be one thing. Bright sunny day, when sun is blasting its 100%.

Then you’ll see everyone being magnetized and drawn to the beach.

A group of friends came to Rio last few weeks ago, actually bringing them to lepak at the beach was part of the plan. Tak jadi. Time was too short. Apa boleh buat? Nothing. Anyway, wenwei, aishin, sara, yeeleng, guys, this is what I wanted to show you guys. Next time IF you guys do come to Rio, lets make this a compulsory half day must do.

Cheers! Enjoy!

I know, I know, the photos size are too large.
Just click on each photo to see full view. Click another time on the photo to see the photo in actual size! Then, can really see the details, and what each of the beach goers are doing!

There’s a photo (the last 3rd photo, with a guy and his fat flabby stomach). Try to find a guy that give the “Y” sign.

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