flying off on Sunday to Singapore!

Posted on 25 July 2008


Yo guys!

I’m flying off to Singapore on this Sunday, so for those at Singapore, lets go lim-teh!!

Here’s the flight info:-
departure from Rio at 17:05, and arrival Paris at 11:10 next morning
departure from Paris at 23:15, and arrival Changi at 17:45 next evening

Flight time from Rio to Paris = 11hours 5 minutes
Waiting time at Paris = 11hours 5 minutes
Flight time from Paris to Singapore = 12hours 30 minutes

And, total travelling time = 34hours 40minutes

In case of insomnia during flight, found these 3 great links :-

1) add-on for Mozilla that contains lots of NES games.
The one I really didn’t see for decades is battlecity.

Remember played this game LOTS of times at cousin house.

2) printable sudokus.
Printed 3 sets of sudoko (easy, hard, standard). This will knock me down for sure!

3) flash game
downloaded two games but haven’t tried them out yet.

dragonball Z


In addition, looks like is worth checking out.

Gonna have a freaking good time on air!!

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