scene from Air France flight AF447 from Rio to Paris

Posted on 31 July 2008


I think its a Boeing Boeing 777 kuah?

Sat at the second first row of economic class, where the TV screen is flippable, and no one disturbs you when the guy in front of you move the chair back.

dinner. I find some airlines food quite palatable. The red wines are normally of below average standard, but the meals are normally syok. Also like the president cheese.

news of Rio about journalists which were threaten to delete their photos by drug trafickers when following a prefecture election candidate walking around

BTW, the above guy in grey hair is Athur Frommer, the founder of Frommer tour guide books.
The previous 4 photos showing text extracts are from interview with him. Particularly like the 3rd about ‘different ways of travel’, and 4th about difference between a tourist and a traveller.

after meal, the next thing people will think of is sleep. Its actually a clever move to provide meal and a bit of alcohol to make the passenger inactive, and thus reduce risk of possible commotion. Imagine a 11hour flight without food, compared with another with food. Will be totally different scenarios.

sandwich and icecream at right

got drinks and icecream, and sandwich in between meals. Just go to back of the plane, and help your self, no need to get through the cabin crews.

breakfast. Eat, sit & sleep. The obvious consequence will be the indigestion due to sitting strapped to the seat for 11hours, if you don’t go jalan-jalan round the plane.

p/s, some words foreign to English used above are Malaysian slang/words/dialects words:
kuah = used in situation where word ‘maybe’ can be used to carry same meaning
syok = the similar feeling to when you are eating something you really like
jalan-jalan = walking around

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