kuala terengganu & redang island

Posted on 9 August 2008



road sign for COW crossing.

water of the jetty at Merang. Wait till you guys see the water of Redang…..


click for large view of the island (click again for even full larger view) .

this is definitely one of the BEST BUILT resorts at Redang. The rest of the resorts are shacks, compared to it.

this is the MARINE PARK. Click once for full screen view. After the photo finished loading, click once more for full size gigantic view.

for the unknown, this is ‘penyu’ or turtle. We don’t see much of turtle nowadays as most of them took up Ninja courses and migrated to NY city.

One of the boats used to go diving / snorkelling.
WARNING : for those with sea-sick tendency, bear in mind, once out to the sea, you’ll be either at sea or on such boat, so there’s no solid standing places (normally a pre-requisite to most people to recover sea-sick) from until you return to the island 3 hours later.

this is the training before actually going out to sea.
how much is the cost? I got it somewhere, will get back on this tomorrow.

UPDATE : here’s the price of a scuba diving at Redang:

One of best way to pass evening before dinner, getting slammed by waves.


old lady bringing kid home from school

old traditional Malay house.

bread, quite rare. I think found only at Kuala Terengganu. Correct me if I am wrong.

Buildings at Kuala Terengganu’s Chinatown. The houses architecture is almost identical to Malacca’s.

window design at Chinatown.

Roof of a chinese house. Click to see enlarged view. Noticed the dragon at centre of the whole thing?

Really OLD plan of the shop in the Chinatown. They are dissappearing soon, as more and more traditional shops are being rented out to newer businesses.

This is the ‘back’ of the Chinatown’s house. Houses are extended till river. A very familiar look for those who are from Daro / Matu, right?

view at Pasar Payang (the fruits are rambutan (red), duku langsat (yellow) and banana tandok (green)

serunding daging / shredded meat

locally this is called “asam”. In English, its call tamarind.

local delicacies…

dodol, made from durian.

rambutan (this is yellow type) , while the earlier one is red type.
This a local Malaysian fruit, available on seasonal basis, in all over Malaysia.

duku langsat. another local Malaysian fruit.

sugar derived from coconut juice.

Don’t worry. This is definitely NOT chilly. they are tasteless, made of flour, boilled in syrupy water for dessert.

Dried chilly. The universal guide for chilly, the bigger the chilly, the less-spicy it is.

Dried anchovies / ikan bilis.

Dried salted stringray. The combs are arranged to become a circle.

Cuttlefish. Click on the photo for larger view, so you can see the price.

Wen Wei, this is durian belanda :).

Bronze “cookeryware”.

various types of clothes (ranging from songket, sutera (silk), etc).
One thing I can’t understand, why the kain here are so expensive, when they are they are so abundant??

All sorts of keropok (crackers made from various type of seafood).

Durians. Here, its 4 durians or each bundle of above for RM10. Cheap eh?

process of making batik. This is stamping the wax’s process.

coloring of the batik. Just like what we learnt at school….

making “keropok lekor” (we have “keropok lekor” all over Malaysia, but it is here at Terengganu that EVERYONE eats KEROPOK EVERYDAY. Its so common that I think its safe to compare it with how common kopi-o is.

Terengganu’s State Museum. Quite boring. Large, nice architecture, but too large, and vacant.

“Tongkat Ali” this is the tree which people claim to be natural viagra.

this and below photos show traditional houses that are in the museum.

“keropok lekor” for sale. Each package is RM1, and contains 5 sticks.

here’s a plate of “keropok lekor”. Ready to be eaten, with mild chilly sauce.