what you see while flying from Sibu to Miri

Posted on 31 August 2008


as usual, click on photo for enlarged view, and another click on enlarged photo for full sized view. Ho! Ho! Ho! Burp!

yellow river, green forest, blue&red houses

LNG vessel (heading torwards Bintulu).
The vessel loads liquified gas from Bintulu, and unloads at Japan.

house near Miri airport

light torquise water, somewhere near Bintulu

coastal view

settlements are normally next to river

big plot of plantation

long house, next to river

nature vs human;
ecology vs economy
green vs gray
chaos vs order
(possible) ecotourism vs (confirmed) biomoney

if the river is a road, you'll be dizzy once you get to other end of it

oil palms in blocks

budding oil plam trees

forest, ready to be converted to oil palm plantation

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