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I surrender all (updated)

September 23, 2008


I’m so occupied with office work, as the bidding date of the project is nearing! Here’s 5 minutes off. p/s : this was at Corcovado. updated : imagine the guys humming “I surrender all” (click on the youtube below for the music”. That would be a perfect match for his action. 🙂 click on below […]

2 different view of Jesus: “gloomy rainly” or “brightly inviting” look

September 22, 2008


Sunday 7 of September. 2 weeks ago. bright sun shinny day. . Monday 15 of September. 1 week ago. Had a whole week of rain. Say UK. Say drizzling rain from morning till night. Say wet shoe and cold night. Yup. That’s Rio for last week. The cold front lasted almost a week from Sunday […]

Went to Rio de Janeiro’s famous Hippie Market last Sunday

September 18, 2008


Here are some of the things available and their prices. this is strip of string made of bark of a palm. Tie it round your wrist. R$2 each. . . all sorts of biquini. R$25 each. . . great idea that comes out expensive. Its basically a laminated plywood (a nicer looking one) that is […]