interesting in newspaper today – Google Chrome, pre-salt, Terminal 2

Posted on 4 September 2008


Interesting things that I stumbled upon today when arrived at office:
1) Google has a web browser.
It also has a comic to intro about the whole thing – in layman terms.
jim : That’s really a creative idea

2) Brazil Oil&Gas news
The hot news for these months is the discovery of super large offshore oil field in Brazil (potentially 50billion barrels of oil (abbreviated bbl)).
To have a grap of how big is 50billion bbl, For comparison, Malaysia’s oil reserve is estimated 3billion bbl, while Brazil’s current reserve is 12billion bbl.
This would also make Petrobras world’s 3 largest oil company.
This issue has been in page1 of Economy section of newpapers – almost daily.
google these for more info : Tupi, pre-salt, brazil, Petrobras.
jim : This is huge!

3) Seremban’s “Terminal 2”
Read the news here. Some key points :-
#in 2004 developer allegedly told buyers new express bus station would be relocated to Terminal 2
#the new terminal was supposed to have opened last November
#people bought shoplot thinking the express bus companies would operate from Terminal 2
#MPS (Seremban Town Council) president Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff said the project was a private sector initiative and the state government had nothing to do with it.
#“Since we own the Terminal 1 bus terminal, why should we move the express bus operations to Terminal 2?”.
#Asked if the developer had written to MPS asking for the express bus services to be moved to Terminal 2, Abdul Halim said they did.
#“If we move the express bus operators, the petty traders will say that the state government is irresponsible. Also, we cannot expect commuters to be dropped off at Terminal 2 and then take another bus or taxi to get to Terminal 1 located half a kilometre away,” he said.
#Abdul Halim said that the matter is still open to discussion.
jim : I am not sure of details, I think lots of people who read the news would say : shouldn’t this discussed before the project was given a go ahead, not after completion! Now someone would have to play the bad guy (either developer or MPS)

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