What happened at Santa Teresa last Saturday

Posted on 8 September 2008


Guess what? It was a party last Saturday at Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.
Santa Teresa is THE bohemia neighbourhood of Rio, I heard.
In addition, this neighbourhood is also extremely popular with its ‘bondinho’ or trem.
Here’s what a Bondinho looks like :
p/s : above photo is stolen from http://www.amast.org.br.

This year marks 112 year birthday of the bondinho.
The neighbourhood is also protesting against privatization of the bondinho (this website tells a great deal about it: http://www.amast.org.br/).

That’s why the party & the protest.

left : itchy hand
right : Death note @ Brazil.
This is Parque das Ruinas (aka Park of the Ruins).
The best place to have a view of Rio de Janeiro’s Centro district, and Niteroi.
Why? Its because you do not have to pay R$36 to go up to Corcovado (Jesus the Redeemer) to have the same view.

p/s : the viewing place is on top.

that’s why this guy’s face is full of indescribable expression. The view is too wonderful. He must be thinking of the savings he made by coming here instead to Corcovado (Like what I was thinking :))
And this, this is the famous staircase of Selaron.
I know Edward Norton was here for his Hulk movie.
Snoop Dogg (feat. Pharrell) did part of Beautiful MV here.
Selaron said U2 did one of their music video here.

He told me he is looking for a tile with Malaysia’s Petronas Twin tower, so he can paste it into his collection. ANYONE?? Tiles only ok?

Man, this guy is really funny & friendly. Comical too.

Evening at the neighbournood where the stairway is located. Amid the extravagant of the riot color of the tiles, there’s special relaxing and homely feeling about this place : Kids playing around, family sitting together on staircase, aunty washing floor.

No, this is not related to Selaron, but it is on a facade of a building next to Selaron’s stairs.

No, this is not related to Selaron, but it is in the restaurant in front of Selaron’s stairs.

Read more about Selaron here:
After skimming through few sites & photos, I realised that he uses red short pants in almost every photos. Implications… implications…

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